The 7 Day Challenge: Day 7!!! Christmas Quilts

Day 7 of the challenge!!!!! Okay Deb, my last post is of Christmas my quilts.  Log Cabin Christmas is my favorite quilt.  I made myself a twin sized and my girls have a nice throw to drape over the back of their sofas.
Log Cabin Christmas quilt

My Bernina 180 has preprogramed 9mm stitches and I found a motif that looks like berries and holy leaves.  I used a red and green Sharpie to color in the motif.

The quilting is continuous line of Holy & Berries done by Carol Williams of Ft. Washington, MD.  She did a fantastic job!!!!
Log Cabin Christmas quilting 3  Log Cabin Christmas quilting 2
Log Cabin Christmas quilting 1

I embroidered a snow topped log cabin in the label…
Signature label on backing 2

Another Christmas quilt I made is Winter Wonderland…
Winter Wonderland image

There are snowmen every where.  A Choir in the banner…
Winter Wonderland banner   Winter Wonderland singing choir

Winter Wonderland downhill skier

A snowball fight…
Winter Wonderland snowball fight

Sledding and making snow angels…
Winter Wonderland sledder and snow angle

Feeding birds…
Winter Wonderland feeding birds

Candy canes on the line…
Winter Wonderland quilted candy canes

A Snow family out for a stroll…
Winter Wonderland family

The quilting is really beautiful, snowflakes blowing in the wind…
Winter Wonderland quilted border blocks   Winter Wonderland quilted border

As always, I embroidered my label into the backing before it was quilted.Lable

I hope you enjoyed my seven days of posted quilts!

That’s all for now,



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The 7 Day Challenge Day 6: Garden Walk

Many years ago, probably around 1995, a friend, Shoko Ferguson in Clinton, MD exhibited a hand pieced Irish Chain quilt at the Greenbelt Federal Courthouse, Greenbelt, MD.  Well eighteen years later I pieced mine by machine. LOL!

There are two sets of blocks, a checkered and a setting.  The piecing was done by making  alternating green and white strata strips.  The key to getting perfect intersections is pinning and pressing the seams open.  My friend and long-arm quilter, Bernerdett, kept the quilting simple.  She perfectly stitched diagonally, making an “X” across each green patch!
Garden Walk Checkered block      Garden Walk Setting block

I used left over strips to piece the corner blocks and borders.   Garden Walk Corner block     Garden Walk drapped on chair

Add a frilly label…
Garden Walk label

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.


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The 7 Day Challenge Day 5: Marmalade Parade

Day 5: Here’s another of my picnic quilts, Marmalade Parade.  The original pattern is by Michelle Settle of Keller, TX.  Her quilt is a 17″ miniature and was juried into the Houston International Quilt Festival and also won 3rd place at the Dallas Quilt Show.

I got Michelle’s pattern out of the Electric Quilt “Quilt Design” workbook.  The EQ software has a layout feature which allows me to transform a block like the Carpenter’s Wheel into a quilt top!
EQ Quilt Workbook   Marmalade Parade EQ layout

The blocks used in this layout are Log Cabin, Wild Goose Log Cabin, Twisted Log Cabin, and two diamond blocks.
Marmalade Parade EQ log cabin corner block   Marmalade Parade EQ Wild Goose Chase center rosette
Marmalade Parade EQ Twisted log cabin block   Marmalade Parade EQ diamond block 1
Marmalade Parade EQ diamond block 2   Marmalade Parade blocks in EQ

Then the magic begins, I can place the blocks I’ve colored where I want them.  The programing in the software makes the block take on the shape of the patch in the quilt top layout!  so my wild Goose block is now a diamond!  Don’t you just love technology!?!  I made several color renditions, but I really liked what Michelle did.
Marmalade Parade quilts in EQ    Marmalade Parade EQ layout colored

Now here’s the best part… I used pre-cut string pieces and scraps!!!!!  Side Bar – When I down sized I cut up all of the fabric I had already USED in a previous quilt project (I’ve been quilting since 1993).  So most of my stash is in strips from 1″ to 3″ and fat quarters.  I rarely buy anything more because I love a scrappy look.  Under my cutting station have a jumbo zip-lock storage bag, I throw all of my scraps there.
strings    Scraps

This entire quilt top is foundation pieced.  I printed the pattern from the software to my printer at home, no going out to the office supply store!
Marmalade Parade EQ foundation pattern

This is the Wild Goose in the center and Twisted Log Cabin blocks pieced around them…  These geese are wild and flying every where!
Marmalade Parade center rosette.JPG

Here’s one of the corners with three square Log Cabin blocks  and then Diamond Log Cabin blocks that forms fans around the Twisted Log cabin blocks.
Marmalade Parade log cabin corner blocks.JPG   Marmalade Parade log cabin diamond

The border and the finished quilt, 54″ x 54″!  This was quilted by my friend and long-arm quilter, Bernerdett King of Crofton, MD.
Marmalade Parade border    Marmalade Parade quilt image

I hope you enjoyed the post,

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The 7 Day Quilt Challenge Day 4: Candy Necklace

Hi there, I’m writing my post earlier today… my husband, David said I had incomplete thoughts and typos in my post last night!  I was really sleepy after all the walking we did yesterday at the Mid-Atlantic quilt Festival in Hampton, VA.  LOL!!!

The Burgoyne Surround quilt is one I’ve always wanted to make, however, I like the scrappy look. I found this pattern in Edyta Sitar’s book “Scrappy Firework Quilts.”
Edyta's book cover   Edyta's pic in book 2

As soon as I saw it, I liked it!   Edyita’s quilt has sixteen blocks (14 ¼”) with sashing finishing at 78 ¼”and mine has only nine blocks (19”) finishing at 84”.  I have lots of scrap fabric, so I made eighteen blocks to make two quilts… I have two daughters and when I’m making quilts for them I always make two.  So with my favorite tool – EQ7, I began the process of designing.
Four EQ designs    EQ final design
EQ block

The piecing process was straight forward with four patches and nine patches.  I foundation pieced the irregular nine patch center.  All in all, easy!  The label is embroidered into the backing.
Jeanita's label   Deaven's label

Bernerdett King chose a beautiful design and a fantastic job quilting them on her long-arm.
Candy Necklace quilting 1   Candy Necklace quilting 2

I think this would be lovely at a picnic, the beach or on a lawn watching fireworks!!Candy Necklace image

That’s all for now, see you tomorrow.

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The 7 Day Quilt Challenge Day 3: Small Wall-hangings

For this challenge, I hope it’s okay to group images of my quilts… In 1993, I learned to hand quilt on small projects. I quilted a Nefertiti wall-hanging using multiple colors of thread to show off her necklace, headdress and face.  I won my first (3rd place) ribbon for professional quilters at the Sotterly Plantation exhibit in 1994!
Nefartiti   Nefrtiti by Jennifer Morris2

These two are wall-hangings of African tribal scaring…
Faces From the Past Nigerian Ceremonial Mask II   Faces From the Past Nigerian Ceremonial Mask I

Dimensional applique… Straw flowers, Roused Roses, Daises and Wild flowers in woven baskets. Both are hand quilted…
Strawflowerbasket    Basket of Flowers

A get well heart with a prayer I received from Barbara Bletch…
“One who hopes you’ll soon be well is praying everyday;
that God will keep you in his care till health returns to stay.”

This was a nice block to receive,  I can’t remember when I got it but, I really appreciate her prayer and I’ve kept it for years.  I machine quilted the background.
Heart Get Well Prayer

Come back tomorrow to see more,



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The 7 Day Quilt Challenge: Day 2 Winter’s Romance

I love two colored quilts and I’ve always been drawn to the colors – red & white (my Jr. and Sr. High School colors).   In 2007, I designed this quilt using Electric Quilt software.  The blocks are Feathered Stars with Kansas Trouble corner blocks with red & white striped sashing and Piano Key borders.  I rotary cut and marked each piece with an quarter inch seam allowance.  Then the hand piecing began!
Winters Romance

I kept all my pieces in two pizza boxes.  It took one day to piece one star block and two days to piece the twenty-four Kansas City Trouble blocks.  Hand piecing the sashing and Piano Key borders was much easier; no intersections!  I took less about a month to piece the entire top!  Yes, yes, I know it’s hard to believe; but I’m a homemaker/caregiver who stitches between chores instead of watching hours of TV!

It was quilted by long-arm quilter, by Jean McDonald, MO.  She does outstanding work.  She quilted open feathers in the borders and sashing…
Feathered Border     Sashing

She outlined the stars and tightly quilted feather plumes in the background.
Block      Background Quilting

I’ve been fortunate to exhibit Winter’s romance in juried and local venues around the country!  I really enjoyed my 15 minutes of fame at International Quilt Festival, Ruby Jubilee: Celebrating 40 Years exhibit 2014!  I was given a Ruby Red ribbon and a Ruby-gemmed Needle with Golden Thread!
Ruby Needle   IMG_0110

Winter's Romance hanging in the Ruby Jubelie Exhibit Houston TX 2014

1. NQA 2009 Red and White Quilts Special Exhibit
2. Annapolis Quilt Guild 2009 Red & Green Christmas Exhibit, BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport
3. Houston International Quilt Festival/ Ruby Jubilee: Celebrating 40 Years exhibit, 2014
4. International Quilt Festival/Chicago 2015
5. Quilt! Knit! Stitch! in Portland, Oregon 2015
6. Red River Quilters Quilt Show 2015 in Shreveport, Louisiana

Happy quilting; stop by tomorrow,


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The 7 Day Quilt Challenge: Day 1

Some friends of mine have been challenging each other to post quilts to Facebook for seven days.  I received my challenge form Deb Sanger with the comment… “The hard part is to choose only 7; LOL!”  Well she’s right, I’m have lots and can’t decide what to share.

Maybe I’ll start with something small…  like coasters, snack and place mats, here we go…

For years I’ve been making coasters for gift-giving using leftover scraps of batting and fabric.
Blocks1  Blocks2

When I don’t want to piece, I find it faster to use my embroidery.  Instead of stitching out large designs, I reduce the size to 3 – 4 inches.  I’ve made Baltimore Album, Afro-centric,  quilted Snowflakes and even quilted Hexagons!

Baltimore Album  Adinkra Afro  Hexies

For my Bee groups, I’ve also stitched out napkins and quilted snack mats sets and quilted placemats and coasters…
Bee1   Bee2

And for gift-giving during the holidays, I made this set coaster and snack mats for my daughters to give along with Shonda Rhimes’ book “Year of Yes.”  Humm…  They didn’t give me a book! ROF, LOL!!!

Shonda Rhimes

See you tomorrow,


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