Displaying My Quilts

Like a Vampire, I’ve always made it a habit to protect my quilts from the sun; which meant they were never seen throughout the house… too sunny!  I used to store them in the top of my studio closet. Up there, they were safe from the ultraviolet light!


Our home here in Georgia backs to a wooded area and the house doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight.  Now I can finally display my quilts in every room of the house!!!

Line up      Quilts on stairs

I couldn’t make up my mind on how to display my craft.  I lived on Pinterest and in magazines for weeks searching for the right setup for me. I looked at all sizes of display ladders, but nothing worked for my space.


I saw a picture of a curio cabinet and that got me thinking… use a sofa table!  I hate to see the back of a sofa, it looks naked!  Our sofa is a L-shaped sectional, so I bought two sofa tables for each side!

Sofa table2        Sofa table1

Added  plants and family photos…  and Walla!

Sofa table2aSofa table1a

Here are some smaller wall hangings in my studio…


These last two (Rescue and Bearing Fruit) are art pieces I purchased from fiber artist, Valerie White; these pieces remind me of my girls.  She does beautiful work! Visit her website (valeriecwhite.com).

Rescue, displayed in the upstairs hall…



Bearing Fruit, displayed in the foyer…

Bearing Fruit

Make room for your quilts! Pull them out of the closet and find ways to show, share and use them everyday!


Happy quilting,




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Creating with Scraps: 3!

Focusing on my scraps this past year proved to be very productive!  I tried the Jelly Roll Race with my deconstructed African outfits.  All I needed was to cut and add the black 2.5 inch strips.  I think it will be a nice to embroider an African proverbs in empty spaces between the printed fabric.


I also had a ton of leftover half square triangles from the Triangle star quilt I made in 2013.   I used them to make this crib quilt which lead to a larger quilt with a slightly different layout.  Still using that gold African fabric!


Here’s Edyta Sitar’s Flea Market Treasure Quilt from my 1.5 inch strips.  My girlfriend Bernerdett and I had a bright idea to quilt it first and then complete the applique afterwards! Who want to wiggle around all of that applique… We both think it would be easier to applique it afterwards; it’s just around the borders, how bad could that be? Scraps and more scraps… even my appliques are from scraps!


These house blocks are from a project I didn’t like.  They have been reallocated to crib quilts for my Guild’s community service projects.  Each year at the retreat we have a group challenge and I’ve been using my scrappy house blocks for the centers! The first was made into a Log Cabin Round Robin in 2015 and The second is a Border Round Robin in 2017.  Two done, six more to use up!

Houses 6


Here’s a bunch more.  I did a 80 x 90 African fabric Log Cabin,  a 80 x 80 Carpenter’s Wheel from strings and crumbs, and red white and blue Log Cabin and Edyta Sitar’s Made in the USA,  https://www.laundrybasketquilts.com/blog/sew-caring-texas-we-want-to-help/ a fund-raiser for hurricane disaster relief.  The red-white-blue and flag quilt were given to Veterans at Ward Memorial AME, 241 Second Street, NE Washington, DC. Also see my post,  Stash Busting String Quilts.


This last quilt I made using crumbs and orphan blocks.  I first learn of this technique from my girlfriend Rosa.  She shared a Sawtooth Star block during Show-n-Tell.  the body of the block was a bunch of scraps she had sewn in to fabric.  She then cut the parts for the Sawtooth Star, the background of the block was a solid fabric.  I was amazed!

My crumbs are anything I can’t strip piece or anything I won’t use in applique. This is an excellent project to take on retreat!  There’s no pattern needed, just stitch, press and cut.  When you get the desired size, in my care 6 inch blocks, just square them up!

When I got home I added the corner stones and sashing.  I did reproduce this quilt in EQ7 just to get an idea of how much fabric I had made and used.  To my surprise this crumb quilt has $52 of fabric that would have otherwise gone into the trash!!!  So think about that before you toss your scrap fabric out!  When I took it to the next Guild meeting, it went home with Autumn Rose (5 years old)!


Oh, I saw this post on Crazy Moms Quilt (http://crazymomquilts.blogspot.com/2017/07/pincushions-21-31-finale-and-blog-break.html).  I made 26 mini pin cushion’s for everyone at the retreat!

Scrappy Pin Coushin


That’s all for now, enjoy your SCRAPS!!!!







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Creating With Scraps: Part 2!

I  can’t tell you when I started collecting Charm Squares, but I had quite a few! As a matter of fact, I had so many I needed a special drawer in my stash closet for storage.

Charm Drawer


I’ve been collecting these 5″ and 6″ squares for years.  They’re not really “STASH,” they are just scraps masquerading  as STASH, right?

Charm Squares


I have just the quilt in mind; a tumbler quilt, is a perfect solution and hardly any scraps will be leftover from these!

Cut Tumbler


That purple Patrick Lose Christmas fabric is 25 years old!

Charm Patrick Lose Purple Christmas fabric


They actually look like thimbles to me!

Charm Quilt


I still have quite a bit… I think I’ll give these rulers a try!

Charm Rulers

Let me know what are you doing with your charm squares?

That’s all for now,


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Creating With Scraps – Part 1!

Last September my hubby and I relocated to Georgia… I spent the last twelve months getting acclimated to my new Diggs!  In 2013, we downsized to our small home in Maryland in a retirement community,  my studio space was 10′ x 10′ with a 12′ ceiling.  We up sized a bit and now my studio is a spacious 15′ x 18′ with a 9′ ceiling.  I lost the option to store my quilts by hanging them at the top of the closet!  I had to also build a closet in my new space to store my stash but not my large accumulation of scraps… 12 bags, sorted by color!  So I spent the past 12 months working on projects trying to use only scraps.

My friend Linda (http://eatsleepquilt.blogspot.com) made a string quilt that is absolutely beautiful…

021417-string-star-topLinda Mckenzie

I designed a smaller 4 star version in EQ7 for Project Linus…

4 Star String Quilt on EQ

I’m happy not to waste any fabric, even bitty-bits…

4 Star String Quilt2

I quilted it myself too!

4 Star String Quilt









Always, always add a label!

4 Star String Quilt3

That’s all for now,

Happy stitching










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My Millefiore Quilt-Along Part 1

I really love to hand piece, I find it very relaxing, especially at the end of the day.  In 2015 I joined an English paper piecing quilt-along craze – Millefiore!  I purchased the book, templates and paper piecing foundation papers; I was off to a pretty good start!


When I started down this path, I was hoping to use up my scraps, bags and bags of scraps.  This is what you’ll have after twenty-five years of making friends and family quilts, guild and client raffle quilts, community service projects and arts and crafts projects – Yikes!

img_5333     img_5332

My first rosette is beautiful, and as you can see, I didn’t use any scraps!!!!  I was defeated with that idea.  I couldn’t come up with a color theme.  Not to worry though, I did put that one to excellent use on my recliner!

img_5520    img_5522

I really wanted a themed quilt so I thought about the my stash of African and ethnic prints.  I buy them every time I see them and won’t use them! Why oh why????  However, for the Millefiore, this would work out perfectly!  This is the fabric I used in my remake of rosette #1.  It’s “Beauty Noir” by Michael Miller.  I believe I can use the motifs in the print twice more.  See, there three ladies there.

beauty-noir-by-michael-miller    img_5512

The next rosette I worked on was #9.  The fabric here is “Gwen” by Timeless Treasures.  I only used a tiny piece.  I will definitely be able to use this again!

gwen-by-timeless-treasures   img_5514

On rosette #11b I used “Kenta” by Timeless Treasures.  There  are three different ladies in the print.

kenta   img_5516

Rosette #3 theme fabric from Debi-C by Debi heron from Timeless Treasures.

debi-c-by-debi-heron-from-timeless-treasures   img_5517

Rosette #12b has only three hexagons and the fabric used was actually printed in Nigeria.

nigerian   img_5537

And rosette #6 theme fabric is “Nairobi” by Michael Miller.  The motifs in the print are very close. I used all three motifs in one rosette.

nairobi-by-micheal-miller     img_5546

Over all,  I’m happy with the African Ladies and ethnic fabric theme.  Here’s the layout and what I’ve pieced so far.

layout     img_5546

That’s all for now,



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The 7 Day Challenge: Day 7!!! Christmas Quilts

Day 7 of the challenge!!!!! Okay Deb, my last post is of Christmas my quilts.  Log Cabin Christmas is my favorite quilt.  I made myself a twin sized and my girls have a nice throw to drape over the back of their sofas.
Log Cabin Christmas quilt

My Bernina 180 has preprogramed 9mm stitches and I found a motif that looks like berries and holy leaves.  I used a red and green Sharpie to color in the motif.

The quilting is continuous line of Holy & Berries done by Carol Williams of Ft. Washington, MD.  She did a fantastic job!!!!
Log Cabin Christmas quilting 3  Log Cabin Christmas quilting 2
Log Cabin Christmas quilting 1

I embroidered a snow topped log cabin in the label…
Signature label on backing 2

Another Christmas quilt I made is Winter Wonderland…
Winter Wonderland image

There are snowmen every where.  A Choir in the banner…
Winter Wonderland banner   Winter Wonderland singing choir

Winter Wonderland downhill skier

A snowball fight…
Winter Wonderland snowball fight

Sledding and making snow angels…
Winter Wonderland sledder and snow angle

Feeding birds…
Winter Wonderland feeding birds

Candy canes on the line…
Winter Wonderland quilted candy canes

A Snow family out for a stroll…
Winter Wonderland family

The quilting is really beautiful, snowflakes blowing in the wind…
Winter Wonderland quilted border blocks   Winter Wonderland quilted border

As always, I embroidered my label into the backing before it was quilted.Lable

I hope you enjoyed my seven days of posted quilts!

That’s all for now,



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The 7 Day Challenge Day 6: Garden Walk

Many years ago, probably around 1995, a friend, Shoko Ferguson in Clinton, MD exhibited a hand pieced Irish Chain quilt at the Greenbelt Federal Courthouse, Greenbelt, MD.  Well eighteen years later I pieced mine by machine. LOL!

There are two sets of blocks, a checkered and a setting.  The piecing was done by making  alternating green and white strata strips.  The key to getting perfect intersections is pinning and pressing the seams open.  My friend and long-arm quilter, Bernerdett, kept the quilting simple.  She perfectly stitched diagonally, making an “X” across each green patch!
Garden Walk Checkered block      Garden Walk Setting block

I used left over strips to piece the corner blocks and borders.   Garden Walk Corner block     Garden Walk drapped on chair

Add a frilly label…
Garden Walk label

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.


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