My Millefiore Quilt-Along Part 1

I really love to hand piece, I find it very relaxing, especially at the end of the day.  In 2015 I joined an English paper piecing quilt-along craze – Millefiore!  I purchased the book, templates and paper piecing foundation papers; I was off to a pretty good start!


When I started down this path, I was hoping to use up my scraps, bags and bags of scraps.  This is what you’ll have after twenty-five years of making friends and family quilts, guild and client raffle quilts, community service projects and arts and crafts projects – Yikes!

img_5333     img_5332

My first rosette is beautiful, and as you can see, I didn’t use any scraps!!!!  I was defeated with that idea.  I couldn’t come up with a color theme.  Not to worry though, I did put that one to excellent use on my recliner!

img_5520    img_5522

I really wanted a themed quilt so I thought about the my stash of African and ethnic prints.  I buy them every time I see them and won’t use them! Why oh why????  However, for the Millefiore, this would work out perfectly!  This is the fabric I used in my remake of rosette #1.  It’s “Beauty Noir” by Michael Miller.  I believe I can use the motifs in the print twice more.  See, there three ladies there.

beauty-noir-by-michael-miller    img_5512

The next rosette I worked on was #9.  The fabric here is “Gwen” by Timeless Treasures.  I only used a tiny piece.  I will definitely be able to use this again!

gwen-by-timeless-treasures   img_5514

On rosette #11b I used “Kenta” by Timeless Treasures.  There  are three different ladies in the print.

kenta   img_5516

Rosette #3 theme fabric from Debi-C by Debi heron from Timeless Treasures.

debi-c-by-debi-heron-from-timeless-treasures   img_5517

Rosette #12b has only three hexagons and the fabric used was actually printed in Nigeria.

nigerian   img_5537

And rosette #6 theme fabric is “Nairobi” by Michael Miller.  The motifs in the print are very close. I used all three motifs in one rosette.

nairobi-by-micheal-miller     img_5546

Over all,  I’m happy with the African Ladies and ethnic fabric theme.  Here’s the layout and what I’ve pieced so far.

layout     img_5546

That’s all for now,



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2 Responses to My Millefiore Quilt-Along Part 1

  1. I like what you’ve done, keep at it, you’re making progress! The secret about scraps is – they multiply at night! The more you use, the more reinforcements they call in.

  2. Regina says:

    I really like the way you used those African prints. Thanks for the inspiration!

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